La Altura Pediatrics is commited to bringing their patients the best healthcare.   We are continually looking for ways to ease our patients, and their parents, lives when they are ill.  We are proud to partner with Chiron Health to provide a new way to provide excellent healthcare to our patients.    Telemedicine allows our patients to see Dr. Garza without coming into our office.  All that is needed is a webcam with a microphone.  Once the appointment is made with our office, a link will be sent to the patient via email to complete the set up.  A clickable link is included in the email that will take you the telemedicine website.  Here the patient will enter their insurance information and a credit card.  The credit card is entered to pay for any co-payments or any balance if the patient is a self pay patient.  Once all the information is verified, our physician will be available to help with any questions you may have concerning the health of your child.

Currently, this service is only available to those patients with commercial insurances such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare to name a couple.  This service is not available to Medicaid patients.  If there are any questions, you may call our Office at (210) 687-1144

Set up your telemedicine apointment by calling our office at 210-687-1144.

Below are some examples of what can be seen with telemedicine.
Appropriate Conditions
ADHD visits (Initial, diagnosis reviews and medication follow ups)
Lab reviews (Any diagnosis, fasting labs, stool samples)
Radiology reviews and injury care
Care Visits
Diaper Rashes
Chicken Pox
Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease
Scarlet Fever
Allergic Rhinitis ('allergies' or hay fever)
Viral gastroenteritis (stomach virus) - mild symptoms
Colds or URI's
Formula Intolerance
Breastfeeding Management
Infant and Toddler Feeding Management
Swimmer's Ear
Weight Management
Depression Medical Management
Strains and Sprains - Mild, Initial Management
Concussion Follow Ups
Inappropriate Conditions
Respiratory Distress
Asthma Flareups - Moderate to Severe
Bronchiolitis - When in your infants and toddlers
Fever - In infant, moderate to severe in all others
Middle Ear Infections
Croup - Moderate to Severe
Foreign Bodies in Ears, Nasal Passages
Nursemaid's Elbow
Fractures (or Suspected Broken Bones)
Concussion - Initial Evaluation
Strep Throat